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shiminaday's Journal

Shimin a day
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Choi Siwon is most probably grounded by his parents right now. He has a strong love for Jesus, on account that Jesus made him so hot. He does his best to cockblock others to make up for the fact that he is so far in the closet he's making snowmen in Narnia. He is a manly man with manly man eyebrows, and looks at his best when he is shirtless. He's a cocky douchebag, a label whore, and 99% wholesome, but don't worry, Sungmin is working on that.
Lee Sungmin is quite possibly the most perfect person in the world. He has the ability to be adorable and slutty at the same time, while sporting some of the most amazing arms on the face on the planet. He's pretty much talented at anything he turns his hand to, including but not limited to: martial arts, singing, dancing, guitar and pole dancing. He loves Japan, and his cats. Also wine. He's a drunken cat lady. See? Perfect.
Welcome to shiminaday, where we're dedicated to posting one image of Siwon/Sungmin a day. The above information is possibly biased, but don't worry, that doesn't make it not true. We hope to see you around!
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